FAQs about Customs Services: Comprehensive guide

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Are you wondering how customs services are run and why they are essential for international trade? This article delivers clear and detailed answers to frequently asked questions about customs services. 

Understanding the technical, administrative, and practical aspects of customs is essential in order to avoid delays and unexpected costs. Let's now review the main questions about customs services to help you navigate customs clearance procedures effectively and guarantee full compliance with regulations.

  • The importance of customs clearance
  • Customs code and fee calculation

What is the meaning of customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the process by which imported or exported products are examined and approved by customs authorities. It includes several compulsory steps such as presenting the required documents, paying duties and taxes, conducting a physical inspection of goods if needed.

Customs clearance is essential to maintain compatibility with international trade laws, avoid delays, and prevent additional costs.

Customs clearance guarantees that goods comply with current regulations and protect the national economy.

According to the World Customs Organization.

Jean Dupont, a logistics expert at Worldgistic, explains:

A well-managed customs clearance process is key to avoiding interruptions in the supply chain.

How to make a customs declaration?

Making a customs declaration is an essential step for the clearance of your goods. It allows customs authorities to verify and control goods entering or leaving a country. 

To learn how to fill out a customs declaration, see our detailed guide on how to make a customs declaration.

Customs code

The customs code is a system of classification of goods used to determine applicable customs duties and regulations to follow. Customs clearance and ensuring goods comply with international trade laws are dependent on this code.

To understand the importance of customs codes and how to use them, visit our page on the customs code.

How to calculate customs fees?How long does a car take to clear customs?

Calculating customs fees involves several steps, including identifying the tariff code of the goods, determining the customs value, and applying the customs duty rate. 

Discover the methods to calculate customs fees by consulting our guide on how to calculate customs fees.

How long does a car take to clear customs?

Clearing a car through customs requires specific procedures and can vary depending on the country of import. This process can include vehicle inspection, document verification, and payment of customs duties. 

For more information on the time required to clear a car through customs, read our dedicated article on car customs clearance.

How to know if my package is held up in customs?

To know if your package is held up in customs, check the tracking notifications from your carrier or contact customs services. 

For more details, visit our page on packages held up in customs.

Customs duties and regulations

Customs duties and regulations vary depending on the type of product and the country of origin or destination. Customs duties are taxes imposed on imported goods intended to protect the national economy and generate government revenue.

Customs duties are calculated based on the customs value of goods, their weight, or volume.

According to the European Union Customs Code.

For example, a textile importer may be subject to 12% customs duties on the value of goods.

Customs fees between France and Thailand

Customs fees between France and Thailand vary depending on the type of product being imported or exported. For instance, electronic products may be subject to 5% customs duties, while clothing can have fees up to 10%. A French importer of Thai furniture paid 8% customs duties on a shipment valued at 50,000 euros, which amounts to 4,000 euros in customs duties.

You can visit our Thailand customs page for more details.

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This article has presented detailed answers to FAQs about customs services. You are better equipped to navigate customs procedures and ensure compliance for your international shipments.

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