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To prevent stock shortages and ship high-value, perishable, and/or urgent goods, these are the primary reasons we recommend air freight. Worldgistic provides a range of options using the world's top airlines to deliver the service level our clients demand.


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We are able to offer you a variety of cost-effective solutions. We coordinate the collection of your merchandise and deliver it to your chosen destination (door-to-door) or to the airport of your choice. Our team responds to your quote request within 24 hours to swiftly organize the next steps for your freight.


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For each client, we are committed to providing quality services. Air freight is calculated based on volumetric weight (cubic volume of goods x 1000 x 1/6). Our quote naturally includes your final delivery address and updated fuel prices. The options we recommend are designed to meet your needs and achieve profitability goals.

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Thanks to our professional network and connections with the world's top airlines, we excel in managing urgent shipments globally, ensuring consistently competitive prices. Explore our high-quality services by clicking on your preferred destination below.

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Express delivery by air

Why choose air freight? There are several methods to transport goods internationally, each with its advantages and disadvantages: road transport, maritime transport, and air transport.

So why choose this last option? Air transport has been rapidly expanding since the beginning of globalization. In 2019, over 61 million tonnes of freight were transported by air cargo worldwide, a figure that continues to rise.

The advantages of air freight

In our view, air transport is an appealing option for partners who require swift delivery of their goods. That's what matters to us.

The transportation of goods by air is regulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This association oversees the types of goods transported and their transportation conditions. Therefore, this mode of transportation is highly regulated and exceptionally reliable.

Although more expensive than other means of transportation, air freight offers numerous advantages. Chief among them is the speed of delivery. Transit times are very short even over long distances, making it the preferred mode of transport for urgent deliveries or tight deadlines. Air freight also helps prevent disruptions in the supply chain. This option is well-suited for transporting perishable goods, such as fruits and vegetables, and fragile products, such as medical instruments and accessories.

Air transport covers most territories, as all countries are equipped with international airports capable of receiving air cargo deliveries. Worldgistic operates globally through an extensive network of partners. Thailand, France, China, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, and French Overseas Territories (DOM-TOM) are among the primary delivery zones serviced by Worldgistic.

Calculating an air freight quote

Air freight rates are higher compared to maritime and road freight, primarily due to the speed of delivery. When calculating an air freight quote, several factors must be provided when requesting a free quote online. These include the volume, weight, and type of goods, delivery timeframe, as well as the departure and destination countries. These criteria are crucial in establishing a detailed quote. Additionally, shipment costs can fluctuate based on fuel prices, global cargo demand and supply dynamics.

A customized service tailored to each project

At Worldgistic, as we've emphasized repeatedly, personalized support is paramount. Today, each client is unique, and we pride ourselves on adapting to every situation.

Worldgistic's teams ensure that you are informed about the necessary documents for the preparation and shipment of your cargo. The required documents vary depending on whether the shipment originates from an individual or a business. Worldgistic's experts guide you step by step through the documentation process, ensuring your file is complete before the goods depart.

Worldgistic is a human-scale freight forwarder. Each request is handled individually to meet the specific needs of every client. A dedicated point of contact accompanies you throughout your project, from quote preparation to final delivery at your desired address.

If you are looking for specific products in Thailand, Worldgistic provides you with access to interesting and completely personalized sourcing Thailand for more options.

If you want to delegate tasks not directly related to your core business, Worldgistic's teams take over. For instance, during your international relocations, you can rely on us to handle all packaging meticulously, ensuring your goods are transported safely and securely!


Worldgistic is the number one international freight forwarder in Southeast Asia and Europe. With over 15 years of experience and a team of qualified experts, choose Worldgistic!

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