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Are you looking for effective ways to track your shipping containers? This article offers an in-depth understanding of the methods and tools available for shipping container tracking.

Mastering these techniques is crucial for ensuring the safety and punctuality of your shipments. Explore the various tracking options and learn how to monitor your goods throughout their maritime journey.

  • Several methods available for tracking.
  • 5 important steps to succeed in your follow-up.

Why Tracking Shipping Containers is Crucial?

Tracking shipping containers is vital for ensuring the security of goods, logistical transparency, and optimized delivery times.

By monitoring your containers in real-time, you can anticipate delays, respond quickly to issues, and maintain smooth communication with your business partners.

According to a DHL study, companies that use effective tracking systems reduce cargo losses by 30% and improve delivery punctuality by 20%. 

Somchai Rattanaporn, a logistics expert, states:

Container tracking provides complete visibility, reducing risks and increasing operational efficiency.

How to Track a Maritime Container?

Tracking a maritime container effectively is crucial for managing your shipments. Here are various methods to ensure you always know where your container is.

Different Tracking Methods

There are several ways to track a maritime container, including:

  • GPS Tracking Systems: These devices provide precise real-time location tracking of containers.
  • Online Platforms of Shipping Companies: Most shipping companies offer tracking services via their websites.
  • Mobile Applications: Dedicated apps provide advanced features for tracking your shipments.

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Marie Dupont, notre cliente, partage :

Grâce à Worldgistic, je peux suivre mes expéditions en temps réel à tout moment et tenir mes clients informés de l’état de leur commande.

Using Online Free Tracking Tools

Several free tools allow you to effectively track your maritime containers:

  • Maersk Track & Trace: Provides real-time updates on the location of your containers.
  • Hapag-Lloyd Container Tracking: Allows tracking of shipments by container number.

Jean-Luc Martin, a Track & Trace user, states:

This free tool helped me keep an eye on my shipments without additional costs. It's simple and effective.

Steps to Track a Container Shipment

At Worldgistic, for all shipments made in sea containers, we take care to scrupulously respect five important steps:

  1. Reservation: Book your container with the shipping company.
  2. Tracking Number: Receive a container number or reservation number.
  3. Access the Tracking Platform: Log in to the shipping company's tracking platform.
  4. Enter the Tracking Number: Input the container or reservation number.
  5. Real-Time Tracking: Monitor your container's route and receive updates.

How to Track a Vessel in Real-Time

To track a vessel in real-time, use platforms like MarineTraffic or VesselFinder.

  • MarineTraffic: Offers a real-time map showing the positions of vessels.
  • VesselFinder: Provides detailed information about vessels and their routes.

Nathalie, a VesselFinder user, declares:

I find VesselFinder very accurate and useful for tracking my shipments live. It helps me plan better and stay informed.

Container Inspection and Tracking

Inspecting a container before shipment is crucial to ensuring cargo safety.

  • Check the Exterior: Inspect the walls for cracks or damages.
  • Evaluate the Interior: Ensure the interior is clean and free of residues.
  • Test the Doors: Verify that the doors close and lock properly.
  • Check the Seals: Use secure seals and record the numbers.

Michel Dubois, a logistics expert, recommends:

Always use high-security seals and thoroughly inspect each container to avoid issues during transport.

Key Information to Monitor

When inspecting a container, pay special attention to:

  • Structural Integrity: Ensure there are no damages.
  • Water Tightness: Check for the absence of leaks.
  • Interior Cleanliness: Avoid residues that could contaminate the cargo.
  • Security Seals: Use numbered seals and record them.
  • Markings and Labels: Confirm all labels are correct and readable.

Use a checklist for container inspection, noting each point to verify.

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