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Are you wondering how to rent a shipping container without breaking the bank account? This article is designed to provide you a clear and comprehensive understanding of the rates, available options, and factors influencing the cost of renting shipping containers.

Mastering this information is crucial to making informed decisions and optimizing your logistics costs. Let’s explore the different aspects of renting shipping containers and discover how to get the best value for your specific needs.

  • Rental rates of containers and the advantages of renting over buying
  • Understanding the factors influencing the costs

Why rent a container instead of buying a new one?

Discover why renting shipping containers can be the most efficient means of transportation for your logistics needs. Choosing to rent a maritime container offers flexibility, cost reduction, and fewer maintenance responsibilities.

Advantages of renting over buying

Renting a container has several great benefits compared to buying:

  • Flexibility: Renting allows you to adjust the duration of use to your specific needs without long-term commitments.
  • Reduced initial costs: No need to spend a large sum on purchasing, making renting a more economical option.
  • No maintenance: The container owner is responsible for maintenance, saving you additional costs and hassles.

Claire Dupont, logistics director at LogiTrans, shares:

Renting shipping containers has allowed us to manage our volume fluctuations effectively without the financial constraints of a purchase.

Common uses of rented containers

Rented shipping containers are served in various situations like:

  • Temporary storage: Ideal for storing goods during short-term projects or peak periods.
  • Goods transportation: Ensures the secure movement of products worldwide.
  • Construction projects: Used as storage spaces on construction sites or converted into temporary offices.

Jean Martin, project manager at Bâtiments Durables, explains:

We rent shipping containers for our construction sites, allowing us to have modular and economical storage solutions. This helps us stay organized and protect our equipment.

Once you understand these advantages and common uses, you can make an informed decision about renting shipping containers for your specific needs. 

Rental rates of shipping containers

The rental rates of shipping containers may vary based on the container size and other factors. Discover how these elements affect your costs.

Renting 20-foot containers: prices and factors influencing the cost

Renting 20-foot containers is a popular option for many needs. Here are the typical rates and factors influencing these costs:

Typical rates

  • Monthly rental: Approximately €75 to €100
  • Annual rental: Approximately €800 to €1,200

Factors influencing the cost

  • Rental duration: Rates may be reduced for long-term rentals.
  • Location: Costs vary based on availability and demand in the region.
  • Container condition: New or better-condition containers are often more expensive to rent.

Comparative charts

Duration of rentMonthly rate (20 feet)
1 month100 €
6 months90 €
12 months75 €

Renting 40-foot containers: prices and factors influencing the cost

40-foot containers offer more space and are used for larger needs. Here are the rates and factors influencing these costs:

Typical rates

  • Monthly rental approximately €120 to €150
  • Annual rental: approximately €1,200 to €1,800

Factors influencing the cost

  • Rental duration: Discounts may be offered for long-term commitments.
  • Location: Rates may vary based on local demand and transport costs.
  • Container condition: Better-condition or new containers are generally more expensive to rent.

Pierre Dubois, project manager at TransLog, testifies:

We found that renting 40-foot containers for our large-scale projects is more cost-effective in the long run, especially when we get reduced rates for annual rentals.

Comparing storage options and rates

Shipping containers are also widely used as storage spaces. Here is a comparison of rates based on size and rental duration:

Typical storage rates

Size of containerMonthly rate (storage)Annual rate (storage)
20 feet100 €1 000 €
40 feet150 €1 500 €

According to a study by Global Storage Solutions, companies that rent containers for temporary storage save an average of 30% compared to using traditional warehouses. 

Jean-Michel Leroy, site director at EcoBuild, states:

Using shipping containers for on-site storage has not only reduced our costs but also increased our logistical efficiency.

Having a clear understanding of rates and the elements impacting the cost of renting shipping containers will enable you to make informed decisions and maximize the efficiency of your logistics operations.

How to calculate the rental price of a shipping container

Comprendre comment calculer le prix de location d’un container maritime est essentiel pour gérer efficacement vos coûts logistiques. Voici les éléments clés à considérer et des exemples pour vous guider.

Elements to consider

Several elements influence the rental price of a shipping container:

  • Rental duration: Rates can vary based on the rental duration. Long-term rentals often benefit from reduced rates.
  • Container size: 20-foot containers are generally cheaper than 40-foot ones due to their smaller capacity.
  • Location: Costs can vary by region and container availability. Transport fees to the rental location may also apply.
  • Additional services: Services like maintenance, insurance, and handling can influence the total rental cost.

Laurent Dupuis, logistics expert at Cargo Solutions, advises:

When renting a shipping container, it's crucial to consider not only the rental cost itself but also additional fees such as insurance and transport, to have a complete view of the expenses.

Costs estimating

Here is an overview of the most commonly used shipping containers, their dimensions, and the estimated rental cost:

Size of containerDimensionsEstimated rental price
20 feet container6,06 m x 2,44 m x 2,59 m€75 to €100 per month
40 feet container12,19 m x 2,44 m x 2,59 m€120 to €150 per month
40 feet High cube container12,19 m x 2,44 m x 2,89 m€140 to €170 per month

For example, a company wishing to rent a 20-foot container for a duration of 6 months in Paris would have estimated costs as follows:

  • Monthly rental : 90 €
  • Total cost for 6 months: €90 x 6 = €540

By integrating these elements, you can accurately calculate the rental cost of a shipping container and thus better manage your logistics expenses.  

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